Fighting & Attack doesn’t equal Healing

I’ve been thinking about this concept for some time now. It seems to be a part of human thought to attack or fight that which we don’t want or as a method to try and prove ourselves as right. We seem to use war mentality for so many things that we want to make better. But I have to pose the question. Do you see the intention and actions of fighting and attacking as a way to heal? Does a country in the middle of war feel that it is in the mist of healing? If you are in an attacking fight with a loved one (verbal or physical), do you feel you are healing what it is you’re fighting over?

When I think about these scenarios and so many others like them, the answer is always no. That which comes from fear can not heal. Fear which is the source of fighting and attack intentions and behaviors creates unrest, stress, guilt, and a false sense of power. It weakens us and doesn’t make us stronger.

Now let’s think about the previous scenarios and what surrounding them brings about healing? Let’s look at war. How do people heal from war? Expressions of love, forgiveness, helping one another, letting go of the pain, visions of creating peace… ¬†What does healing look like after a less than pleasurable fight with someone? Apologies, forgiveness, love, being present to listen without judgment, hugs…

It is thoughts that stem from fear; ¬†attacking and fighting that not only cause us pain and sickness but perpetuate them. Sometimes these thoughts are deep in our subconscious, sometimes they are right in front of our eyes as we partake in their displays. What we don’t realize is that we are attacking ourselves on all levels even though it may appear we are attacking something else.

So what brings about healing? I would say all of those things above and many more aspects of love. Forgiving yourself and others for anything and everything you feel is not from love. Letting go of the pain you have felt from the past. Letting go of any guilt that seems to haunt you. Looking past the petty things that cause you unrest. Seeing the true heart of your fellow brothers and sisters that lies beneath all their fears which attack. Forgive and send them and their pains love. It’s a daily practice to use love as an intention. And my friends, it heals, in so many ways.

It is love that can heal us from suffering and illness. Not fighting…

We are all in need of healing in some way. Let’s change the lexicon of fighting disease, winning the war on cancer, fighting the war on drugs, …. Attack breeds Attack, let’s try something new, let’s try Love.

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