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When Spirits Call

When Spirits Call

This is a short review of my friend David Zarza’s book, When Spirits Call: Listening to the Spirits Around Us

What I loved most about David’s book is that it reads as a memoir pertaining to his psychic and medium exploration from when he was young until now. For anyone curious about what goes on during a medium reading (communicating with those who have passed on) or if it’s even possible to communicate with departed loved ones, this is a great read. Through the sharing of stories and experiences of some of his clients, David shows us just how much spirits want and do communicate with us all the time. Through his own experiences of putting Trust in the Universe and opening to all possibilities, he shows us that it is possible for anyone to connect to their loved ones and the healing that can transpire by doing so. I couldn’t help but think while reading this book how thin the veil is between the seen and unseen worlds. And as David says, it is only our own limitations we set that prevent us from lifting this veil. This is not a step-by-step, how-to instruction guide on becoming a psychic but it continuously opens your eyes and heart to having faith that you can communicate with the spirits around you if that is something you want. He shows you that Spirit is  always communicating with you and sharing in your life even from beyond. David’s passion for his work and the connections he facilitates shows brightly throughout this beautiful book. Whether you’re a skeptic of the afterlife or a psychic medium yourself, When Spirits Call will open your heart to the experience and belief that all things are possible. I’m left feeling even more empowered to open myself to the Universe and to communications from beyond.

To order David’s book or request a reading with him, please go to his website listed below or you may purchase his book through Amazon.

When Spirits Call on Amazon

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2012 Reflections

I’m proud of me. Yup, I sure am. I’m proud of myself.

At the close of the year I like to reflect back upon it and how I lived. I don’t really set New Year’s resolutions or goals per se but I do set intentions. Things that I want to work on overtime. These items are usually ongoing and don’t have a finish date which is why I set them apart from being goals. However, they end up being the priority for that year.

At the beginning of 2012, my greatest intention was to work on my resistance. I wanted to first fully own it. Admit to myself that I can be resistant in many circumstances. Ironically, I resisted that I am resistant for a long time, ha! I then wanted to catch myself when I was being resistant so I could make a different choice. I decided to focus on the word curiosity. I was going to look at things with curiousity which would help me open up and be less resistant.  This was my intention and affirmation, “My curiosity leads me into alignment with my highest good.”

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