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Gypsy Heart & Building Roots

Fur bouncing all around me. Small, smaller, and medium. Youngest, young, old. All different in their personalities and needs. Some need more than others, financially, emotionally, and time.

I am a gypsy or maybe I’ve been a gypsy before and so that feeling of wanting to be on the move is familiar. I love to travel, to experience life on the road, other places, different cultures. I feel alive and I move forward in awakening. I travel in the moment with very little planning. I let the moments carry me from one place to the next. There is so much freedom in that way of living and experiencing life. I try to carry this forward when I am back ‘home’. I seem to pull it off in certain areas of my life but not others.

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words unfolding

Power of Intent – Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is a powerful video that talks about the energy source of life and creation. How we have control to choose what we want our lives to be like. I’m being bombarded with this message from many sides. I’m in the process of testing it out, changing my thoughts, visualizing what I want instead of what I don’t want, and becoming more self-aware. Thank you Dr. Dyer for all your work. 


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words unfolding

Starts with Me

My journey has me always returning to the exploration of my spiritual self. I soon become fascinated by all that I realize is happening around me. Coincidences or what I’ll call synchronicity flood my senses and remind me that I’m in the right path.

This time feels the same in some ways and different in others. It started with wanting to really know how I feel and what I want. I was recognizing that I didn’t really understand myself as well as I wanted to. That connection with people was lacking.

I found the courage to face that all things have to start with me. What I mean is if I want to be honest and truthful and open with others I have to learn how to do this with myself. If I want to know and show pure love, I have to love me first. I resisted this as it felt selfish and I have judgments surrounding this. I think of narcissism and wanted to run the other direction.

I’ve always believed that the teacher will come when the student is ready and this is my time. I have lots of teachers and ironically I’m also one of my own.

I have a wonderful therapist who not only gets to the root of the stories I play over and over in my head that often lead to false core beliefs, but knows how to teach me to tap into my higher-selve to find my truths.

I am practicing self-love through turning negative thoughts into positive ones. I want to be compassionate and kind and I’m starting with me. I am hard on myself and impatient. I want to be fixed now. I’m learning I’m not broken. I am enough right now. There is no perfect, just a journey of growth. 

I show kindness to myself  by ‘faking it till I make it.’ Meaning I repeat things I am that I don’t necessarily believe wholly. It is working, slowly I believe. I am becoming more self-aware everyday. I’m finding my inner voice by sitting still and asking it questions. Hypnotherapy has been a valuable tool in helping me learn this skill.

I am having a beautiful awakening and the flood gates have opened. I am welcoming all that is coming to me, painful and joyful. I’m practicing acceptance of what exists so that I may move forward with clear focus and understanding.

I am starting to know my true power and this sets me free. I am on my path to know and live Love. A path given to me during the mourning of my best friend’s passing.

I am connecting with me, and as I am, I’m having real connections with others. I’m grateful for the light that I am and for the lighted path I am on.

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