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Wholehearted Home Manifesto

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I don’t have any children, nor a spouse, or even a home…but when I do this is what I want to be the foundation of our home. It speaks to me about unconditional love, feeling worthy, knowing life is an imperfect journey, being that which we want to teach and in that learning, beingĀ vulnerableĀ and navigating courage, talking through and letting go of judgments and learning to discern, knowing there is always space to be ourselves and be supported, making a practice out of gratitude and seeing the light, showing compassion to ourselves and all those around us, sharing our feelings and embracing them, speaking our needs and respecting each others boundaries, encouraging practices of creativity and exploration, playing and laughing and sharing silence, holding space to help each other walk the hard roads, and embracing one another with hugs and shoulders to rest upon.

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What I consistently experience when I travel the world is the kindness of people. The simple gestures of humanity that people extend to one another. I only know this experience as a fairly attractive youngish white woman in her 30s, so I speak from this biased point of view. I consistently have strangers helping me out, opening their homes for me to sleep, and saying hello as we walk past each other on a hike. I deeply believe at our core we are all made of love and want to do good in this world. How do we get so off track? How do we help our neighbors or a stranger one minute and then speak with evil about the guy across town or across the world? Why has so much fear taken a hold of our hearts and shut us down into false spaces of security? Why do we fear change so much?


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