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Anthropomorphism & the Mirror

As defined by Webster Dictionary. Anthropomorphic means:
1. described or thought of as having a human form or human attributes
2. ascribing human characteristics to nonhuman things

The idea of anthropomorphic theory troubles me. On one hand I get it. I can assume an animal is feeling or thinking something that they are not based on how feel about that something, but I can’t help to think that it’s now also used as a way to keep people from acknowledging that animals are more aware than we have given them credit for the last few hundred years.

It’s so easy to continue doing what we are doing when things like, “well we don’t really know for SURE that they feel pain, or have emotions, or can think” are said. Belittling these beings experiences by saying we might be just attributing our own feelings onto what they are experiencing or not.

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Triggers & Mirrors

I’ve been paying attention a lot these days to the feelings that surface in me when I’m around someone or something that leads to my vibration lowering. The road I’m on of self-mastery is a bit of a struggle these days. When I look around at the humanness of everything, I know that everyone is just a mirror of myself. The blame game is no longer. I think in some ways I’m mourning it as it passes by and I can no longer use it without feeling I’m betraying myself and that which I try to blame. I’m a Truth seeker. I want the veil lifted from my eyes so that my vision is pure. What I’m really starting to see is millions of me staring back.

Today I was triggered. A feeling surfaced that I didn’t recognize besides disgust. I was uncomfortable throughout my whole body. Within a few moments I was nauseous. I know things aren’t as they seem so I knew I had to dig in below the surface of what the topic was that seemed to trigger this visceral reaction. I didn’t like what I had heard yet it had nothing to do with me, not directly anyway.

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