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A Prayer to Love

With humble heart I sit in silence

    and seek your wisdom

Patiently I ‘listen’, knowing I receive

    in perfect time

In wondrous Gratitude, I give thanks to you

    and all your messengers

In confusion I return to you,

    it is in this space that peace finds me

You are cloaked in all things I see

    and those unseen

Compassion, understanding, empathy and forgiveness,

    are the tools you’ve given us to heal and awaken

Your light shatters the darkness

    often bringing me chills and tears

I seek to know more of you, so that I may know myself

    I seek to know myself, so that I may know more of you

The magic, mystery, wonder and beauty of this exploration

    strengthens my trust and faith

May the reminders to judge less be upon my mind often

    showing me that all is One

For we are all that is manifest and unmanifest

    the world being our mirror and teacher

You continuously show me the way through all

    lifting the veil and asking me to remember who I am

You offer many various roads to knowing and understanding you

    all paths, smooth and rocky, lead to you

I give thanks that your light is present

    assisting in balancing the polarity within

Love, you are all

    and you are emptiness

I am you,

    and you are I

May you continue to help me remove the blockages

to knowing your presence in all

I seek to be a humble messenger among many,

    a source of love to those in need

May I be an instrument of your light

    shining your truths for all that desire them

Much love, light, and gratitude, to and for you, for

    I am love(d)™, You are love(d)™, and we are One

~Keli Keach


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Love Flare

Image above: Veil of Love – How God sees us and wants us to see each other. Perfect love.

I may have mentioned it before but if not I’m taking part of a self-portrait project for a year. Each week there is a new theme hosted by NowYouWorkshops. I have loved taking pictures my whole life, but I’ve never been great at getting in front of the camera. As a commitment to myself and to the world to love myself more so I can shower others unconditionally, I’ve turned the camera on myself. I struggle with the ideas of vanity around this project but more and more I realize it is about acceptance and love. One frame at a time I continue to open to all of me and when I want to judge myself… for example…my not so pretty feet, I remind myself of how they keep me standing, having carried me so many miles, danced on stage for years as a child, endured being blistered and bruised, to name a few things. I come to appreciate what I have.

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Fearing Our Own Light

As I discover the light and immense love I truly am, I start to understand that it is the light in which we are, that we are most afraid. I believe the doctrines of the major world religions have aided us in fearing our greatest being. Somehow if we shine too brightly or feel too powerful we are not putting ourselves beneath the almighty enough. That somehow it’s seen as creating an idol out of ourselves. We have become afraid of our own light and goodness. So instead, we punish ourselves, over and over, with guilt shame, and beliefs of sin. We make ourselves small, unworthy, less than. We then project all of this, out into the world, onto everyone else with our judgments.

I truly believe God says no no no… be glorious, you are amazing, and beautiful, and powerful. Do not hide behind masks of humility, sin, and shame…shine brightly for you are my child.

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2012 Reflections

I’m proud of me. Yup, I sure am. I’m proud of myself.

At the close of the year I like to reflect back upon it and how I lived. I don’t really set New Year’s resolutions or goals per se but I do set intentions. Things that I want to work on overtime. These items are usually ongoing and don’t have a finish date which is why I set them apart from being goals. However, they end up being the priority for that year.

At the beginning of 2012, my greatest intention was to work on my resistance. I wanted to first fully own it. Admit to myself that I can be resistant in many circumstances. Ironically, I resisted that I am resistant for a long time, ha! I then wanted to catch myself when I was being resistant so I could make a different choice. I decided to focus on the word curiosity. I was going to look at things with curiousity which would help me open up and be less resistant.  This was my intention and affirmation, “My curiosity leads me into alignment with my highest good.”

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