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“Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else’s skin. It is the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too.”
~Author Frederick Buechner

I resonate with this definition of compassion, deeply. Most definitions talk about having sympathy or pity for those that suffer. Some involve taking action to help those that are suffering. They all allude to the same concept but I like Frederick’s the most because it takes the idea a step further. He gets to the concept that if there is suffering in someone else there will be suffering in me. I would take it a step further and even say if there is suffering in me there will be suffering extended out towards others.

When I think of compassion I think of action. I think of being the voice for the voiceless. I think of healing. I think of love and peace. I think of unity. I think of embracement and acceptance. I think that without it, we hurt, we suffer, we are in a state of unrest.

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I want to write a bit about my knee injury I got back in February and about what I needed to learn for it to really start healing. But first I wanted to talk about the link between our thoughts and our bodies. It seems that there are a growing number of people who recognize that our state of mind and emotions will affect our bodies physically, yet even amongst this group of people in certain situations there is disbelief that thoughts or emotions could be the root or block to healing. For example, at this point it is pretty well known that high levels of stress is highly likely to increase your risk of heart disease. So what does that mean exactly? How does something become stressful to where it leads to plaque buildup in your heart? Well, since I’m not a doctor or medical researcher I’m not going to try and explain what happens when the body is under stress and how that leads to heart disease, but I do want to talk about how something becomes stressful. What is stress? How does an event become stressful? There are some situations that are life and death and your body will automatically react with the fight or flight response. This type of stress is automatic and our bodies are built to release chemicals to help us survive and once the immediate threat is gone, our levels return to normal and we go on or way.

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I knew 2012 would probably have some drastic changes as we break away from the old patterns and conditioning to birth a new consciousness, but I didn’t fully grasp the affect it would have on my own life specifically. Within a matter of 2 months, I resigned from my job of 10.5 years, separated from my partner of 3 years, and am traveling without a home base. I have periods where I feel stripped raw and scared shitless, then I quickly remember that all is well and that I am ok. I’m in a period of healing which means growth and understanding. I have wounds, some of them deep from the last several years, but all they are is information to learn from. I am not my wounds or the feelings that surround them.

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