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Love – A New Way

I write with a heavy body…heavy limbs, heavy head, heavy heart. I feel the enourmous weight of the event that happened at the Boston Marathon. I feel the weight for those who lost their lives, those that were wounded, those that witnessed it, the family and friends of all those involved…I also feel the weight for those that attacked, their family and friends…and I feel the weight for humanity. It is heavy, my breathing is labored, I find myself blankly staring even as I type.

I am sad, so very sad.

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Turning a blind eye

As I travel across the country I’ve witnessed thousands upon thousands of animals (mostly cows) being raised to feed the beef demand in our country and around the world. We’ve taken small local animal farming from something that was sustainable and uncruel to something unsunstainable at the cost of animal lives and their welfare. Let me put it another way. We’ve created a demand so high that it has become impossible to fulfill this demand without animals living and dieing in atrocious ways.

In a NY Time article written in 2008 it states, “Americans eat about the same amount of meat as we have for some time, about eight ounces a day, roughly twice the global average. At about 5 percent of the world’s population, we “process” (that is, grow and kill) nearly 10 billion animals a year, more than 15 percent of the world’s total.”

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When Spirits Call

Understanding My Fear

Fear – It will creep up when you least expect it. It’s a very useful feeling but one that you have to dive into understand versus heeding to its every whim. Fear crept up on me today and is still lingering about a bit although I’m not giving it to much energy or attention. I didn’t know it was fear at first. What I knew was that I was uncomfortable, agitated, and not wanting to be feeling how I was feeling. On the surface I was calm. In fact, most of my body was completely relaxed. However, there was a deep undercurrent that was buzzing on a frequency of low grade anxiety. Anxiety = Fear

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I am …

I’d like my day to start with freshness, openness, and expansiveness.

I need to make it a habit to be more purposeful for how I wake up in the morning. What do I want my first thoughts and choices to be as I come to the new day? First, I want to make sure I pay attention if I can remember my dreams and how I’m feeling about it and write it down! But then what? I know that my attitude and my thoughts are what gives me my direction. It’s going to make the difference for how I handle and navigate my day. Are they filled with gratitude, opportunity, gifts, or are they marred by dissapointment, frustration, and negativity.

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I knew 2012 would probably have some drastic changes as we break away from the old patterns and conditioning to birth a new consciousness, but I didn’t fully grasp the affect it would have on my own life specifically. Within a matter of 2 months, I resigned from my job of 10.5 years, separated from my partner of 3 years, and am traveling without a home base. I have periods where I feel stripped raw and scared shitless, then I quickly remember that all is well and that I am ok. I’m in a period of healing which means growth and understanding. I have wounds, some of them deep from the last several years, but all they are is information to learn from. I am not my wounds or the feelings that surround them.

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