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Gypsy Heart & Building Roots

Fur bouncing all around me. Small, smaller, and medium. Youngest, young, old. All different in their personalities and needs. Some need more than others, financially, emotionally, and time.

I am a gypsy or maybe I’ve been a gypsy before and so that feeling of wanting to be on the move is familiar. I love to travel, to experience life on the road, other places, different cultures. I feel alive and I move forward in awakening. I travel in the moment with very little planning. I let the moments carry me from one place to the next. There is so much freedom in that way of living and experiencing life. I try to carry this forward when I am back ‘home’. I seem to pull it off in certain areas of my life but not others.

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I want to write a bit about my knee injury I got back in February and about what I needed to learn for it to really start healing. But first I wanted to talk about the link between our thoughts and our bodies. It seems that there are a growing number of people who recognize that our state of mind and emotions will affect our bodies physically, yet even amongst this group of people in certain situations there is disbelief that thoughts or emotions could be the root or block to healing. For example, at this point it is pretty well known that high levels of stress is highly likely to increase your risk of heart disease. So what does that mean exactly? How does something become stressful to where it leads to plaque buildup in your heart? Well, since I’m not a doctor or medical researcher I’m not going to try and explain what happens when the body is under stress and how that leads to heart disease, but I do want to talk about how something becomes stressful. What is stress? How does an event become stressful? There are some situations that are life and death and your body will automatically react with the fight or flight response. This type of stress is automatic and our bodies are built to release chemicals to help us survive and once the immediate threat is gone, our levels return to normal and we go on or way.

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Let Love Show the Way

So I have been further thinking about my last post (Love – A New Way ) and about how the emotion most humans seem to be directed by is fear. It shows its face by other names such as anger, hurt, anxiety, and sadness so most of us don’t even realize that it is fear that controls our lives and dictates so much of our behavior. Fear leads to reactionary actions vs. pro-active actions. I mentioned how it is deeply embedded in us, that it is our fabric. The thing is, this is still just a layer that sits on top of who we really are – love.

Fear has its place in our lives. It is there to physically help us save ourselves from real imminent danger. There are many scientists who study this and show that what humans have done is hold onto the fear that first ignites and we don’t let it go. It lingers, and then continuously gets triggered on low levels that keeps it going. It’s as if our bodies are confused and we no longer can separate real danger from paranoid behavior. So often when real fear kicks in we ignore it, dismissing it as only in our heads. Often times you’ll hear stories where people say things like, my gut was telling me I shouldn’t have gone down that street, but I did anyway, and ended up getting robbed. It’s important for us to understand that we need to start letting go of all the false fear so that when we really are in danger we can trust it.

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words unfolding

In a Funk

Since I’ve returned from my trip ‘home,’ I’ve been feeling really blah most days. Sort of like walking around like a zombie. I don’t want to read, write, workout, walk, etc. I have my bouts of anger and frustrations with my breakup and working through those are taking me a little longer than they were a few weeks ago. I’m also so tired these days, I just want to sleep sleep sleep. My eating is off as I’m still trying to figure out what food is healthy for my body and acceptable to my heart and mind. 

Someone asked me last night if I’m feeling a little depressed. My first reaction was no I don’t think so, but then I thought about it. The symptoms are textbook, but I also know that I’ve not been eating well, taking my vitamins, or working out. Lack of all those could lead to being depressed and being depressed could lead to the lack of motivation to do those things. 

So, awareness is first right? I’m not going to allow myself to sleep late or take naps right now and I’m going to put myself on a regular sleeping schedule to get my 8 hrs. a night minimum. I’ve already started my round of vitamins and now that I have some new ones that don’t make me sick that should help. I’ve also increased my vitamin D intake, as I already know from a test it’s low. I’m going to also start moving my body a few times a week to get the blood kicking again to wake my ass up. 

I get frustrated when I’m in zones like this. I’ve known them on and off for as long as I can remember. I’m indecisive and feel really lazy when I’m in them. 

I saw Dr. Maya Angelou speak last night and thought about how inspirational she is. How at 82 she just keeps on creating, doing, acting, being. She was amazing. 

I’m so fortunate and have a very blessed life. Japan is going through such a horrible tragedy right now and it adds to my, what the hell is up with you Keach attitude. I feel like I should be walking around on clouds and smiling all the time for how blessed I am. But alas, I recognize the unkind attitude towards myself and a ‘should’ expectation that really has no bearing on reality. I’m in a funk. I’m blah. It won’t last. Perhaps at the end of winter by body is preparing for spring. 

So, I’m taking steps to make sure my chemicals, nutrition, movement, and sleep are more balanced. I’m taking some time to be still and listen. And most importantly, I’m watching those nasty thoughts that try to beat me up and replace them with loving patient ones. I’m accepting what is and trying to create from there. It’s a waste of my energy trying to be in a space i’m not. However, it is always worth my energy to change my perspective towards the direction I want to go.


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