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Beauty in the Breakdown

It’s been a ride of day, but I’m starting to see patterns when I feel rocked and not ok. When I put too much focus on my material world around me and not enough inner reflective time either through thought, meditation, or reading spiritual things I feel unsafe. The material world doesn’t actually make me feel safe and grounded and so when my energy is focused there I get thrown and even spiral a bit. I realize it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been super contemplative or have done any awakening practices. When I don’t do these things my world shifts into trying to put things into boxes and known spaces to try and give me the feeling of knowing and contentment, but it’s an illusion and eventually I feel lost and lonely. What I need is just the opposite. When I delve into the world of divinity, support and love, I sit in the unknown and feel curiously comfortable. When my energy is put there my material world falls into place with a lot less effort and a lot more joy.

I love this song by Frou Frou and it’s always a good reminder to let go and to remember that there is beauty in the breakdown.

Posted on August 17, 2013 by Keli · 0 comments Read More