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I’d like my day to start with freshness, openness, and expansiveness.

I need to make it a habit to be more purposeful for how I wake up in the morning. What do I want my first thoughts and choices to be as I come to the new day? First, I want to make sure I pay attention if I can remember my dreams and how I’m feeling about it and write it down! But then what? I know that my attitude and my thoughts are what gives me my direction. It’s going to make the difference for how I handle and navigate my day. Are they filled with gratitude, opportunity, gifts, or are they marred by dissapointment, frustration, and negativity.

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I knew 2012 would probably have some drastic changes as we break away from the old patterns and conditioning to birth a new consciousness, but I didn’t fully grasp the affect it would have on my own life specifically. Within a matter of 2 months, I resigned from my job of 10.5 years, separated from my partner of 3 years, and am traveling without a home base. I have periods where I feel stripped raw and scared shitless, then I quickly remember that all is well and that I am ok. I’m in a period of healing which means growth and understanding. I have wounds, some of them deep from the last several years, but all they are is information to learn from. I am not my wounds or the feelings that surround them.

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