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Lilica: the junkyard mutt Video

Taking Care of One Another

Incredible. Animals have so much to teach us if we could only stop thinking we are that top of some ridiculous food chain that has given us the idea that we are more intelligent and better than what we see as below us.

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Turning a blind eye

As I travel across the country I’ve witnessed thousands upon thousands of animals (mostly cows) being raised to feed the beef demand in our country and around the world. We’ve taken small local animal farming from something that was sustainable and uncruel to something unsunstainable at the cost of animal lives and their welfare. Let me put it another way. We’ve created a demand so high that it has become impossible to fulfill this demand without animals living and dieing in atrocious ways.

In a NY Time article written in 2008 it states, “Americans eat about the same amount of meat as we have for some time, about eight ounces a day, roughly twice the global average. At about 5 percent of the world’s population, we “process” (that is, grow and kill) nearly 10 billion animals a year, more than 15 percent of the world’s total.”

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