for January, 2018


Solar Plexus – Control

I have been exploring the area of my solar plexus since a little before Christmas. On Christmas eve I began having nausea and then cramping for about 3 weeks. I did a medicine journey and during it was feeling myself surrendering into the pain and nauseousness. Those feelings have dissipated since for the most part but are occasionally there.

In my meditation this morning I was feeling into sensations in my solar plexus which also had a thread up to the back of my heart. I was looking for the point at which these sensations began but couldn’t find it. I tried to make the locations my whole body but they stayed pretty local to where they are. I checked for where I felt calm and still in relation to my body and I could feel it heaviest along my back but it was throughout. When I was checking for “who or what” is experiencing these sensations in my solar plexus region those areas just highlighted, the sensations became stronger.

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