for June, 2013


Love Flare

Image above: Veil of Love –¬†How God sees us and wants us to see each other. Perfect love.

I may have mentioned it before but if not I’m taking part of a self-portrait project for a year. Each week there is a new theme hosted by NowYouWorkshops. I have loved taking pictures my whole life, but I’ve never been great at getting in front of the camera. As a commitment to myself and to the world to love myself more so I can shower others unconditionally, I’ve turned the camera on myself. I struggle with the ideas of vanity around this project but more and more I realize it is about acceptance and love. One frame at a time I continue to open to all of me and when I want to judge myself… for example…my not so pretty feet, I remind myself of how they keep me standing, having carried me so many miles, danced on stage for years as a child, endured being blistered and bruised, to name a few things. I come to appreciate what I have.

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Namaste in Action

This image speaks all kinds of volume of love. I took it at a music festival that is family friendly to the max. This was a friend of a friend and her daughter. The little girl had been playing in the sand by a lake and was coming to say hello to her Mama. All I see is love in this image…pure unconditional love. I am grateful for this shot.

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“Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else’s skin. It is the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too.”
~Author Frederick Buechner

I resonate with this definition of compassion, deeply. Most definitions talk about having sympathy or pity for those that suffer. Some involve taking action to help those that are suffering. They all allude to the same concept but I like Frederick’s the most because it takes the idea a step further. He gets to the concept that if there is suffering in someone else there will be suffering in me. I would take it a step further and even say if there is suffering in me there will be suffering extended out towards others.

When I think of compassion I think of action. I think of being the voice for the voiceless. I think of healing. I think of love and peace. I think of unity. I think of embracement and acceptance. I think that without it, we hurt, we suffer, we are in a state of unrest.

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