for February, 2013


did ya SEE her

Did ya see dat Beautiful Woman?


Da one wit da goldie locks?

Da one wit da infectious smile?

Da one wit da exquisite face and curious eyes?

Da one wit da delicate, elegant fingers?

Da one wit da flowing curves?

Da one wit da lips of a model?

Da one wit all dat strength that runs deep?

Da one dat incites double takes?

Da one dat wakes up a room?

Da one dat commands attention wit her very being?

Da one dat people have a hard time walkin away from?

Da one dat leaves trails of sparkles in her wake?

Yah, dat tis da one.

But did ya SEE her?

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A new Jesus story

For about a year now and increasing in intensity the last 4-5 months I’ve been being what feels like thrown into places and experiences to learn more about Jesus. I’ve been a recovering catholic for over half my life and although I’ve always felt like Jesus really did live and that he stood for peace and forgiveness, his attachment to Christianity and the Old testament just didn’t jive with me on many many levels.

My earliest memory of “what I wanted to be when I grew up” was when I was 7 or 8 and I wanted to be a Nun. I believe it took that form because in the catholic church if I wanted to serve God, that was the role I would have to play. I can remember feeling a powerful connection to God/Spirit/Jesus that was unlike anything else I had known. It felt right. However, I can also remember being very frustrated in the church because I had a lot of questions and no one seemed to be able to answer them to my satisfaction. Slowly as I humanized the connection through unanswered questions my connection to the source faded. Overtime I began to see the farse which was the catholic church and I turned my back on it all and have continued to explore divinity in many other ways.

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