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What I consistently experience when I travel the world is the kindness of people. The simple gestures of humanity that people extend to one another. I only know this experience as a fairly attractive youngish white woman in her 30s, so I speak from this biased point of view. I consistently have strangers helping me out, opening their homes for me to sleep, and saying hello as we walk past each other on a hike. I deeply believe at our core we are all made of love and want to do good in this world. How do we get so off track? How do we help our neighbors or a stranger one minute and then speak with evil about the guy across town or across the world? Why has so much fear taken a hold of our hearts and shut us down into false spaces of security? Why do we fear change so much?


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Shine vs. Broadcasting

I enjoyed this post by Donald Miller.

I’ve been drawn lately to understand more about Jesus and try to not judge how far away the Christian church and people have strayed from what he was really all about. This post simply defines for me how walking your beliefs and not just speaking about them can make a bigger difference. If you want people in opposition to your beliefs to listen and learn you first have to walk your talk. I’ve been working hard on doing this in many areas of my life but still have a ways to go. Jesus dealt with people as individuals not as the collective group. He didn’t get into politics and certaintly didn’t get into making laws for governments to enforce or not enforce around his beliefs. Jesus was about action not about sitting around and pointing fingers and feeling righteous. Take a look at your life and see if there are areas you could put more action to work instead of just words. You will be pleasantly suprised at the influece you will have.


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When Spirits Call

Understanding My Fear

Fear – It will creep up when you least expect it. It’s a very useful feeling but one that you have to dive into understand versus heeding to its every whim. Fear crept up on me today and is still lingering about a bit although I’m not giving it to much energy or attention. I didn’t know it was fear at first. What I knew was that I was uncomfortable, agitated, and not wanting to be feeling how I was feeling. On the surface I was calm. In fact, most of my body was completely relaxed. However, there was a deep undercurrent that was buzzing on a frequency of low grade anxiety. Anxiety = Fear

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I am …

I’d like my day to start with freshness, openness, and expansiveness.

I need to make it a habit to be more purposeful for how I wake up in the morning. What do I want my first thoughts and choices to be as I come to the new day? First, I want to make sure I pay attention if I can remember my dreams and how I’m feeling about it and write it down! But then what? I know that my attitude and my thoughts are what gives me my direction. It’s going to make the difference for how I handle and navigate my day. Are they filled with gratitude, opportunity, gifts, or are they marred by dissapointment, frustration, and negativity.

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