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Baby’s Non-Judgment

This is a letter I wrote to some client’s of mine and I wanted to share.Aloha K.,

I wanted to share something with you since your baby sparked something within that is beautiful. Please share with [your husband] as well. I was thinking about how easy it is to look into a baby’s eyes and curious as to what that’s all about. [Your baby] K. reignited that feeling for me and had me thinking. It’s so different than looking into the eyes of an older child or an adult. It then came to me very quickly and fully. I probably already knew this, but it was reawakened within deeply. Non-judgment. There is no judgment staring back at me, just pure curiosity. It gives me hope knowing that I came into this world without any judgment and therefore can return to that state. It is my actual pure way of being.
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I knew 2012 would probably have some drastic changes as we break away from the old patterns and conditioning to birth a new consciousness, but I didn’t fully grasp the affect it would have on my own life specifically. Within a matter of 2 months, I resigned from my job of 10.5 years, separated from my partner of 3 years, and am traveling without a home base. I have periods where I feel stripped raw and scared shitless, then I quickly remember that all is well and that I am ok. I’m in a period of healing which means growth and understanding. I have wounds, some of them deep from the last several years, but all they are is information to learn from. I am not my wounds or the feelings that surround them.

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