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Always with Me – Part II

“She is the mist. The mist that travels through the trees in the forest. The visible breath which sparkles. Every breath she is there.”

She is an older female, she is one of my Spirit Guides. My energy worker shared her with me and I was able to talk to and learn things about her. 

She is an ancestor. We lived a life or lives (can’t remember) a long time ago. She has protective guardian ship over my family of past, present, and future. She is with me all the time. She especially watches over the females in my family. When I want to call to her or imagine her, that opening statement is what she showed my healer. 

I was having an emotional letting go healing session and there several guides helping. Another one of mine who had a male energy but my healer didn’t think he’d ever been in physical form before. At the end of the session the healer said my female spirit guide was smiling at me and said that I was doing a great job. I felt so much love for this being who I must know but just can’t remember. What a validation to know that she thinks I’m doing well. That I’m trying hard to become my best self, to come from a place of love. 

Who knew I had spirit guides hanging out with me, helping me all these years and I’ve just been oblivious to their existence. I guess I wasn’t really ignoring them because I didn’t know they were there. I love to know they there now. I’m slowly getting used to the idea of talking to them, asking for help, knowing I’m not alone. 

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