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Breakfast of Kismet

I went for breakfast this morning to a Vegan cafe. I had texted my lady to see if she wanted to meet me, when I got there it was packed. No seats. I texted back and said never mind it’s too packed. I ordered to go and new it would be awhile. There was a guy reading alone at a 4 person table. I asked if I could join him. He looked up quickly and said sure. I felt out his energy. It was saying you can sit but don’t converse with me. I respected his wishes and started reading my book about learning what intuitive type I am and how to access information. The guy ate his food and got up. I thanked him for sharing his space. He smiled and said you’re welcome. I’m glad I had asked to sit.

A few moments later my food was brought to me in my to-go containers. Right then a man approached me and said will you be leaving. I stumbled because I was in the process of thinking about just eating there now that I was sitting. I said, I think I’m going to stay and eat but you are welcome to join me. He said well it’s me and my wife and we have a little one. I said that’s not a problem if it works for you. We slowly began talking chatting about the cafe and how packed it was. The woman commented on how many families were there. I said I love to see families at vegan places because they are incorporating different foods into the home and children’s diets.

This led to conversations about food and diets. Their son who’s 1.5 has many food allergies. We talked about the book The China Study and also about no one diet seems to work for everyone. That brought up the book I was talking to a friend earlier that day about, Eating for your Blood Type. She had hear of it and her mother was reading it. :-) synchroncity. We then talked about how long we’ve lived I Seattle. We discovered that we are all from Florida and that all our families are mostly still there. They are in the process of moving to Ashville,NC. I couldn’t believe it. This is where I wanted to go before moving to Seattle. We talked about how it’s a great central location on the east coast and that it has a great vibe. Conversation went to spiritual energy and science. Collective thought and even the Akashic records. We asked each other lots of questions and explored so many topics. I said I’m learning that I can create my experiences and when I come from a place of love and want good for all, things happen around me to make it happen. We talked about how many wonderful things are happening in Asheville and I said thought it was all that collective positive energy working together.

Wow. What a blessing. What a great breakfast. A beautiful family that I’m sure I will see again some day. Our paths crossed to carry on this very important topic and exploration of spirit and truth. To help us further understand how to create the world we want to live in and to learn the lessons we are here to learn. Thank you for an amazing Saturday morning.

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