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Juice Fast – 72 hours

Well it’s early Sunday afternoon and I’ve been fasting for 3 full days. This morning a wrench was thrown at me when I started my monthly cycle. Now it’s going to be hard to be clear on what I’m feeling. Overall my mood and spirit feels great, I’m a little weaker than yesterday and finally feeling a little tired, and I have severe lower belly cramps. 

I’ve decided to stick with the fast during menstruation but will be assessing and evaluating my condition. So I made some fresh pineapple juice this morning and OMG, it was soooo delicious! I sat out on my porch and let my senses bring everything 10 fold around me. The breeze felt amazing on my skin and brought the scent of my lilac trees right to me. The birds are happy the weather has turned warm and everything is so vibrantly colored. 
The coolest part of the fast so far has been my heightened awareness of my senses. It’s been really great because my senses are what most strongly bring me into the present moment, so it’s been really fulfilling. 
My mouth is no longer pasty and I my head feels really clear, I mean really clear. I’m surprised but starting yesterday afternoon, I haven’t had any more headaches. Wahoo!! That means my caffeine addiction has been officially kicked and hopefully lots of toxins out of my head. The reason I’m most surprised is that my allergies have been really bad this spring. My sinus’ have been really acting up. I haven’t taken any allergy medicine since Wednesday and I haven’t had any issues with my allergies :) I’ve done one Neti pot rinse I’ve started fasting, but I’ve been doing them about every 3 days for the last month, so nothing new has changed there. 
Oh, and yes my body is still vibrating, although at a lesser degree than yesterday and the day before. My vision appears to be clear, but at times distance stuff still seems ‘a little off’. 
Rest, right now my body needs rest. It always does the first day of my cycle. I’ll tell you what, I always appreciate my advil, but right now I’m really appreciating its existence since I won’t take it right now and I know so strongly why I always do. 
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words unfolding

Juice Fast – 48 hrs

It’s around 1pm and I just made my first apple and banana juice drink. I was surprisingly not hungry all morning. I could feel my stomach lurking in the background, but it really was just that in the background. I feel amazingly well today so far. My head actually feels very clear not foggy at all like it usually is before I have coffee. My tongue is still pasty and I don’t think my breath is very good, but that’s expected. Right now I’m just moving a little slow, it’s the pace my body wants to go. I’m taking my time doing things, but I don’t really feel tired, just a little weak. 

I decided to make the drink just to give my body some nutrients, but I don’t feel like I really needed it. I went to buy a few nice little pots to put some plants Mauri and Tara bought me for my birthday. It’s an amazingly warm day out and the sun is shining bright :) 

My friend Tara said she’d give me a massage this weekend! I”m really excited not only for the massage, but to push out all the toxins in my muscles. I’ll let you know how I feel after that. 
Off to do a little cleanup on my porch – de-wintering. 
I feel so blessed this fast is going so well.  I mean I’m not going to kid you, I was at a place buying a pot and they were having a bbq outside and my mouth began to water. It felt good to walkaway, as my body feels so good right now. I can still feel it humming :)
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words unfolding

Juice Fast – 30 hrs

So I decided after continuously being annoyed with myself for turning my not so great vegetarian diet into a disgusting fast food eating meat diet, then something must be done. I feel that I’ve been more sluggish the last few months and perhaps a bit more moody. My diet needs a change so I’ve decided to do a detox cleanse by drinking only some herbal teas, and fresh juice from some fruits and veges. These are in small amounts to help give my body some simple nutrients so that my body doesn’t take them from my bones and muscles.

So 30 hrs in, I’m hungry, but its not unbearable. My vision is a little off when I try to focus at a distance, so far this is the most entertaining :) My body is sort of humming. When I bring my awareness inside and I’m still, I can feel the life pulsing through my body. It’s an interesting sensation. I don’t feel nervous or anxious, but a slight vibration all over. My tongue feels really pasty and my mouth taste gross, but I can only imagine this is the beginning of it’s nastiness. 
My senses seem to be heightened as well. I took a short walk with the dogs and I was bombarded by all the scents in the air as well as the sounds. There was also a gorgeous sunset that reminded me of Africa. 
I get excited just thinking about the nasty toxins that are leaving my organs as I type. I know weird, but something has to keep me disciplined and out of the kitchen. I’m actually surprised at how good I feel. I’m expecting tomorrow to be the worse following into Sunday. Monday and Tuesday I should really start to feel clean and I slowly start introducing solid foods back in to my diet. 
It’s been many years since I’ve done a fast and even longer since I haven’t eaten any solids for  5 days. I made myself a small low key to do list for the weekend, but know I will spend a lot of time in quiet meditation. This is a great window to connect with the divinity that lives within.
I will post tomorrow as I’ll want to read these postings the next time I fast :)
“Prayer carries us half way to God, fasting brings us to the door of His palace, and alms-giving procures us admission.”
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