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Drum Circle

So it’s been toooo long since I’ve been able to enjoy a drum circle. Last night I met Mauri, Marcus, Miles, Alexa, and Aubrey at One World Cafe. There was an open drum circle night and about 7-10 drummers showed up to play. The beats were great and little Miles just loved it. He kept going up on the little stage area and would play different drums.

Then at one point Melissa (who I met in Kenya, but is from Moscow, ID) and her friend decided to spin fire. The drum circle moved outside and it was just fabulous! There was drumming, spinning of fire, and dancing in the middle of downtown Moscow on the corner. I loved it! The crowd brought their coffee, beers, and wine outside to brave the cold to be entertained. Here is a mini slide show and a few videos.

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words unfolding

Oh Beautiful Mayra

This is a photo my sister scanned and uploaded to Facebook of my friends Carrie (left) and Mayra. As most of you know Mayra physically passed from this world 2.5 years ago. As I look at this photo I’m reminded of how often I got to witness that beautiful smile and the love behind it. I’m so grateful for all the years we lived together and for how much of an influence she had in my life. I feel a bit sad tonight as I often do when I think back on all the memories we’ve shared. The amazing thing is that even though she is gone physically, she is still so much a part of my life. I often ask myself, what would Mayra say to me in this situation, and there’s so much comfort in usually feeling like I know the answer.

None of us really knows what happens to our spirit when our ‘form’ dies away and there are many times that I feel like she’s right with me. This especially happens in my dreams. She visits me often in my sleep and some dreams we’re both aware that it’s special limited time and we make the most of it and other times we’re hanging like we did in the old days. There’s just as many theories on dreams as there is on what happens to the spirit when we die, but I honestly feel like Mayra is still so much a part of my living life. What I mean is that I don’t feel like Mayra has died and left, but that she still lives on just in another ‘form’.

I wake up from my dreams with her feeling fulfilled with a pure sense of joy. I love to lie in bed and play the dream over so I try not to forget it. I love to thank her for visiting me and for staying a part of my life.

I feel from the dreams that I’ve had that she’s at peace and continues to do the loving work she did here on earth.

I know many of the people that she loved here haven’t had the same experiences as me and feel like she’s really gone from their lives. This makes me sad and I always ask her in my prayers when I wake up to visit their hearts and let her love shine on them and heal them even if they don’t know it’s her.

People passing from this life to the next can be so hard at times for us mortals left behind. I’m grateful that although sometimes I wish I could really share a cup of coffee with her on a Saturday morning, I’m glad that we can take a walk together in my dreams.

Thank you Jodie for scanning this photo and posting it to facebook. On the ski lift last weekend I had the strong epiphany about how much she is still so much a part of my life and this photo set the emotion for me to want to share it with all of you.

Thank you Mayra for still always taking care of me. I think you had it wrong that day at Erica and Curtis’ wedding when the song from Beaches came on “Wind Beneath my Wings” and you hugged me and said that I was your wind. You’re definitely the wind beneath My wings. I love you always, visit me soon my friend.
Death is not the opposite of life. Life has no opposite. The opposite of death is birth. Life is eternal.”

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