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AM Talk Radio

So I’ve recently discovered the liking of Talk Radio on AM radio. Yes, I just said I’m listening to AM radio. This shouldn’t be too suprising since I used to be a strong listener to NPR on my way into work when I lived out of town. Now at this point I don’t have any favorite talk show hosts and I’m actually hoping I don’t find any because then I’m more likely to stick to one station instead of bouncing around.

What I find socially interesting about these radio shows is that people love to hear people’s point’s of view that support their own. There is rarely a debate on a show. The host is usually very opinionated and set in their way, but their callers usually just add supporting evidence to their cause. It’s no wonder people who listen to these shows can get so fired up talking about a topic, because everything they are listening too just keeps being supporting their own opinions.

This is why I’ve decided to jump around stations. As many of you know, I tend to fall on the more liberal democratic side, but I also really appreciate a lot of the economic standpoints of the republican party. I find myself laughing not only at myself but at the level of passion the hosts and callers fall into on certain topics.

It’s really eye opening to not just listen to the arguments you agree with. I remember thinking during the last presidential election, “How can Bush really win another term, he did so poorly the first time around, his party has to see that right?” I obviously didn’t listen to any radio shows that supported him and his agendas. I’ve found myself in the same trap over McCain at times but have learned quite a bit listening to his followers. Even though I might not agree with them, I have a better understanding of why they support him.

One thing I can say that all shows tended to agree on is how poorly our media deals with elections and candidates. So maybe this is something that we should bipartisanly (if I can make that word up) take a hold of and demand better reporting by the media. It’s amazing how much sway the media has with the public and what a disservice they can really do. I say this not to fall into comparisons to the freedoms we have in our media vs. other places, because I’m glad that we do, it’s how not giving all the candidates a fair shake. For shi*&*&s and giggles, anyone know who else is running for the Presidential seat besides McCain and Obama? It actually varies by state but Nadar is out there again on the campaign trail, how often do you hear about him?

On another topic – So what does everyone think of this 700 billion dollar bailout? I mean it kills me that we can have no or very little regulation on a financial institution that got so big that it can’t fall without it bringing down the entire US and possible world economy? Are we kidding? How the hell does that happen? Greed, Greed, Greed. Unfortunately, power; money; and desire; on the side of investors and homeowners under no supervision is causing our great grandchildren to pay for houses people couldn’t afford in the first place.

When are we going to stop being so selfish by making the generations to follow, pay for all our short gains today. Financial issues, social problems, environmental catastrophes, …

Whew, ok, as David would say, “Keach it’s time to get off your soap box.”

β€œIt is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.”

~Josiah Charles Stamp

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words unfolding


Do you ever try to look back and see what the heck you’ve been doing that keeps you soooo busy? I don’t know what the heck I do to get so tired and ragged. I’m single with no kids, how the heck to single parents do it all?

I feel fortunate that my life is blessed with good people and opportunities that take me away from just sitting at home. My friend Marcus is currently in town working on his research plot and has been keeping my couch company downstairs at night. My bedroom is upstairs in a loft like atmosphere with no doors, and as we were chatting last night between floors before we fell asleep, I was reminded of how nice it is sometimes to live with people. I’ve been living with only my four legged friends for about a year and a half, and sometimes its really nice to have company around.

Perhaps this is why I stay sooo busy. I apologize to all my long distance friends and family for the lack of blog posts but more importantly for playing phone tag and not having enough phone time with one another.

My last post I said I would write about my weekend at Bumbershoots, the music festival in Seattle, and I will, I just want to have some pictures uploaded so you all have some visuals. It was an amazing weekend, and one that I’m always so happy I attended.

So my planning for Africa is coming along nicely. I’m getting more and more excited that it’s just around the corner. I just got my passport back on Monday and inside a beautiful visa from the Kenya Embassy lay inside:) I felt like getting on a plane right then. I’ve been gathering or more like shopping for gear and items I probably won’t need, but having a lot of fun doing it too.

Well I’m off to watch a movie because my eyes are spending too much time staring at books or a computer screen. To warn you all, this leads to needing stronger glasses year after year :(

Love and sweet dreams to all
β€œA friend is one with whom you are comfortable, to whom you are loyal, through whom you are blessed, and for whom you are grateful.”
~William Arthur Ward

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words unfolding


Ahhh Bumbershoot. It’s one of my favorite things to go to here in the northwest. Three days filled with music and dancing. It’s an annual event every Labor day weekend and a group of us has been going for 4 or 5 years. This year is was the same crew (David, Martin, Josh, Alexa) plus two, baby Aubrey and my friend Erica. I asked my friend Erica if she wanted to fly out and she was able to make the trip :)

I can set the scene for you all a bit. It’s in Seattle City center which is host to some museums, the space needle, a huge beautiful fountain, and a variety of misc. buildings. I’m not sure how many acres it is, but there are about 8 music stages and a variety of other stages for dance perfomances, comedy, and art displays. Bumbershoot kindly doesn’t open until 11 which gives us all plenty of time to sleep from the night before and have a decent breakfast.

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