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Officially a Carnivore

It was back in the spring of 1995 when I willingly ate my last piece of animal meat until this evening. Ok, ok, minus the traditional Mayan meal I ate while in a small village in Mexico in ’98 out of respect for the women who cooked it for us. I’ve been a vege head for these many years for many reasons, those which would probably not be best to remind myself at the moment.

I’ve dabbled in eating some fillet fish over the last two years, so I guess my vegetarian status has actually already been compromised. However, tonight was a big night in my world. I’ve been thinking about eating meat again lately and at times craving it. I’ve never been the healthiest vegetarian because the kitchen and I aren’t exactly friends. I believe irresponsibility to my diet has lead to some health concerns and I’m ready for a big change in the way that I eat.

David said he wanted to cook me my first piece of meat and was going to be upset if I ate a hot dog or something. So the plan was, when I was ready we’d grill up some fillet mignon. Tonight was the night, I decided it was time. I went to our Co-op to find some organic, no growth hormone, antibiotic-free steak. Oh yes, don’t think just cuz I decided to eat meat, I’m going to head to Kentucky Fried Chicken to eat some chicken that lived in some of the worst conditions possible for an animal while it was alive. Oh no, this new world for me will mostly contain meat that came from cruelty-free healthy natural living.

Well, the Co-Op didn’t have any fillet mignon so 2nd choice would be New York Strip with a side of asparagus. I bought two steaks and David marinated one of them in Stubs and the other in some light seasoning. They were cooked with a slight pink center and the asparagus to perfection with the right about of grill char.

Our food was ready and it was time. I had a nice talk with myself and life about the food I was about to eat and the new chapter that would begin. Of course I needed to document the occasion, so here are some pics for you all. Please note the wonderful posture that accompanied my meal – ugg!

Here is my simple delectable plate. Oh and I finally cut meat personally with one of my nice steak knives :)

Here I go, my first piece.

I’m chewing and not quite sure yet at this point. I’m trying not to think, “you’re chewing on animal flesh”

Going in for my 2nd bite of the other piece to see which one my palette prefers. (Light seasoning wins!)

So Dave keeps saying, so what do you think, huh, huh? I don’t really know at this point. I’m chewing it and thinking the flavors nice, but I don’t want to pay $25 at a restaurant for it. It’s pretty juicy and I don’t have to chew it much which I am thankful for.

Overall I’m happy. Amongst the chewing in this last pic, my smirk says, “I’m glad this is going well and I AM going to finish these two pieces of meat.”

You know its funny, I had several nostalgic moments from when I was a kid. I never really liked meat much and my mom would always say, “you have to have a little piece, you know you need a little of everything.” That dang food pyramid, I hated that thing. So I can picture her cutting off a little square piece of meat and putting it on my plate, smaller than anyone else’s at the table. I can remember just staring at that piece in utter frustration that I had to eat it. Fast forward, many, many years later and we’re in the kitchen and David is cutting some meat off and places this petit square piece of meat on my place and the memory flooded me and made me smile. After all these years, I am once again back to trying to eat all my food groups in a well balanced manner.

Well, the event went smooth and I finished my plate. The asparagus was scrumptious and the steak was good. David was a bit disappointed in the meat itself saying you can’t just make any piece of meat taste good, the cut has to be good to begin with. Thank you David for cooking it for me just perfect. So far I’m feeling just fine. For about 30 minutes a few hours after I ate I had an interesting tingling feeling that was flowing through my body. Felt pretty neat, who knows what new substance was filling my veins.

Dinner followed with two unexpected visits from our friends Emily and Todd (oh, and little Juan -squeaker puppa). We enjoyed a beer together and a few many laughs on a beautiful warm Moscow evening.

Em, I think I’m ready for some African goat meat, what do ya think?

“A hot dog at the ball park is better than steak at the Ritz.”
~Humphrey Bogart

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