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Update on Africa!

Here is an update on my “I’m going to AFRICA!” post, sorry to leave so many of you hanging. I’ve been wanting to do a big trip overseas for sometime now and had planned on trying to do one in 2009. I had narrowed my countries down to India, Kenya/Tanzania, and Costa Rica. I wanted to do a long trip of about 6 weeks and do some sort of volunteer service work for some of the time.

I decided to ask my good friend Emily if she wanted to do the trip with me and she happily said YES! She didn’t really want to go to India and after some different friends advice, decided Costa Rica was too close to use 6 weeks on and that I should save that trip for another time. So Africa it is. We both work for NRS so the next tricky part was us both getting approval for 6 weeks off. We work in different departments and based on what’s happening and the season in Africa we decided to try and ask for the time off at the end of this year! Thankfully and gratefully we both got the ok, and that night we bought tickets. We head to Kenya at the end of Oct and get back the beginning of Dec. We are currently looking for some volunteer work with conservation or community development. Besides volunteering we have 2 major other things we want to do – visit the Serengeti for a few days and hike Mt. Kilimanjaro (the tallest mtn. in Africa).

We are both really excited. Emily has become an amazing new friend of mine and we get along really well. As I talked about in an earlier post, you should make sure whoever you travel with, wants to travel the same way you do or else you’re setting yourselves up for some not so happy days. Em and I both like the adventure of seeing where the wind blows us but we will have some plans dialed down. You won’t catch us with a full itinerary booked out though. We both want to delve into the African culture and connect with as many people as we can. Em is already a world traveler so I’m very fortunate to have someone so experienced traveling with me. She’s going to start off by trimming down my chronic “over-packer” syndrome that I have. We are purposely getting small Travel Backpacks, so that we aren’t bogged down. It’ll be interesting to see how I well I’ll do with so little, but I’m looking forward to it!

Well, that’s about it for now on Africa – I’ll let you all know more as we confirm some things.

Here are some photos that were all taken in Kenya & Tanzania that I’m borrowing from people who posted their photos on Flickr. These make me smile and get me soooo excited about AFRICA!!!

Mt. Kilimanjaro


One love, one blood, one life, you got to do what you should.
One life with each other: sisters, brothers.
One life, but we’re not the same.
We get to carry each other, carry each other.
One, one.
~U2 , one

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Crazy Busy

Oh my, I have been sooo busy the last month so I apologize for the lack of posts. I love that I’m busy, but don’t like that I then don’t feel I have time to write about my adventures. So I’ll try to give a quick update on what’s happening in my little world.

Let’s see, I started off the month going to Detroit for my friend Carrie’s wedding. It was held in the GM complex where there is a Marriott. It was right in downtown Detroit on the Detroit River. I spent a day exploring the city and ran into a parade and festivities for the Stanley Cup champions (Detroit Wings). The weekend was filled with meeting new people and visiting with old friends. I had a great time and the wedding went off without a hitch.

Here’s a pic of the GM Complex – It has 4 towers in a square and one tall round one in the middle which is the Marriott.

Me, Allison, and Carrie. Roommates my second year in college – We missed Mayra as she was our 4th roommate.

Carrie and I – Thanks carrie for picking out NICE bridesmaid dresses for us ladies!

I headed back down to the Lochsa river the next weekend and this time did a bit of rowing myself. I wasn’t going to, but my friend Josh said, “I’m going to put together a cataraft for you and you’re going to row, k?” So I said, ok. The level was around 5.5-6′ and was really nice. I was definitely nervous, as I hadn’t rowed in over a year and a half. I did a lot of positive self-talk as I headed down the river to help me get through the rapids and build up confidence as I went. I had some minor technical difficulties with some of my equipment but other than that, I had a great run! No swimming or going through any rapids backwards! I don’t have access to any of the photos right now, but I’ll try to remember to post a few later.

I was then off on Friday the 20th to Montana where I was going on a 5-day flat water fishing trip on the Smith River. There was a group of 10 with me only knowing 3 of the people in the group. The Smith River is a premier fishing destination that you have to apply for a permit to get on the river. It’s done by a lottery system and it’s hard to pull a permit. You can really only run the river most years between April and the end of June. This year because of all the snow pack it will be runable through July.

It was probably the prettiest river I have ever been on and the weather was perfect. It was in the 70s with clear blue skies everyday. I decided to sleep outside 3 out of the 4 nights and crossed my fingers that no large animals would visit me (black bear, cougar, etc.) I was fortunate to not have any visitors :) I did get rained on a little 2 nights, but I just pulled a tarp over my sleeping bag and had great musical rain drops to help me fall asleep.

Overall the trip was amazing – good people, good food, perfect weather, and stunning scenery. I feel blessed and fortunate I was able to experience such an amazing river that cuts through a Montana Canyon.

All my pics are pretty large size so I made a little slideshow.

The pictures don’t really capture how beautiful the rock walls were. I didn’t get many pictures of the really huge ones either cuz of my lense. They had amazing caves all over the place, it was really neat.

Well, that sums up my busy month. I did a bit of much needed house cleaning yesterday and today I’m inside steering clear of the 98 degree weather we’re approaching.

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Africa here we come

I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!

YE HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lochsa Falls Carnage – Video

So here’s a video someone took and put together of boats going through Lochsa Falls on Memorial weekend. It was running the same when I did it a few weeks before. You never know what the wave at the top of the rapid is going to do to ya.

These boats are getting tossed around like little match box cars. It might take a bit to load because it’s a 5 min. video, but well worth it to watch.

There’s sound too if you have it on your computer.



“You have to balance reason with passion; reason keeps you open, passion keeps your adrenaline going.”
~Author Unknown

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Aubrey 13 Mths

So I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t been able to take any photographs of cute little Aubrey. Alexa stopped by on Saturday when I was hanging outside so I grabbed my camera. They were in the shade so the light’s not the best, but the subject is cute enough that it doesn’t really matter.

Aubrey has looked like her Dad since she was born but more and more she’s looking like her Mama. Isn’t nature beautifully mystical?

Here’s my little Bella and her many teeth:

Peeking over the lawn chair:

She was so proud of herself climbing away:

So we High Five and Low Five all the time and she loves it, so I’m glad I got this shot:

So cute, giving her Mama kisses.

Babies touch the world with love.
~ Author Unknown

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