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Christmas Time

Can you believe Christmas has come and gone already? Every year about early November, I can’t believe it’s Christmas time again. It’s crazy how fast the days, months, and years fly by. I’m spending the holidays in Idaho, which is always tough to be away from Family during this time of year. I’m very fortunate to have some great friends here that took me in and made me part of their families for Christmas.

I spent Christmas eve with M and her Family. We ate yummy pizza, drank some beers, and played some games. They had these reindeer antlers that I just loved and wore all night. You could bend and twist them in all directions. By the end of the night I forgot I was wearing them. Here’s a pic of M and I wearing our antlers. (Juan didn’t have any antlers to wear for the photo)

At about 10, M, her parents and I walked across the street to the Presbyterian church and attended a Carol Service. It was really beautiful. They had a brass band playing while everyone came in and found their space to sit. I’ve only really been to Catholic Masses, so this Carol service was very new to me. It was structured with short passages out of the Bible followed by a hymn. These were sung by all as well as a choir. It followed the story of Jesus’ arrival and had about 8-10 different passages. At the end they lit the advent wreath candles and then came down the aisle and lit all our little candles that we held. The church lights were dimmed and we closed with singing Silent Night in beautiful flickering candlelight glow. It was really nice and warm.

It was off to bed for a good nights rest waiting for Santa to come. In the morning the dogs joined me in bed for awhile, until it was time to really wake up and open some presents :) My parents spent the night at my sister’s house, so we joined each other over a Web cam and opened our presents. Sadly, the Post office has seemingly misplaced the package my folks sent to me. Hopefully it will show up soon. It was really nice being able to see each other open our gifts. Gosh, I love technology sometimes….ok most times :)

A few days before Christmas, my friend David sneaked into my house and left me presents so I would have a special morning. He even filled mine and my puppas stockings! It was really sweet of him and made my morning that much more special.

The rest of my day continued with lots of talk and love. I took my dogs for a long walk and then headed off to my friend Tara’s Dad’s house. She’s visiting from Arizona with her 2 boys for a week, so I was so glad to be able to spend time with them. Her boys are getting big and they are such sweethearts.

River had those cool sponge creatures that are in those little pills. You put them in water and they slowly grow. I hadn’t seen those in so long, it was cool to watch how excited he was to pull out the sponge and match it up on the paper to see what animal it was.
This is Tara and I in the kitchen. In fact, this might be the only picture I have of us which seems crazy. For those who don’t know, Tara was with me when I first moved to Idaho and was doing that stream survey work out in the woods of Idaho. She was the one that saved my Zoe when we got in the terrible car wreck where we rolled the Durango over and down the hillside. She kept Zoe from being ejected out of the car thank god.

I then made my way over to M’s house and had a great afternoon and evening. There was exchanging of gifts, great food, and an evening at one of their dear friend’s house for desert. I felt very welcomed by everyone and it was great to be surrounded by so much love on Christmas, especially with my family so far away. The Seamans have really shown me so much kindness since I’ve met them, and I feel very fortunate.

On Friday I’m headed off to McCall with friends to do some snowboarding, tubing, and cross-country skiing. We’ll then bring in the New Year and start 2008 together again, like so many recent years. It’s been snowing like crazy, so it should be really fun!! I have some new studded snow tires, that kick butt, so the drive shouldn’t be too bad.

Happy Holidays to everyone and have a safe New Year. I wish everyone a year filled with lots of love and peace.

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Snow, Tea, & a Good Book

mmmm, Its a snowy afternoon here in Moscow, Idaho and only 2 days before Christmas. I’m hoping the weather stays cold so we have a white Christmas. All my shopping is done, the dogs have been walked, and I’ve settled in my chair to re-read “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I really liked the book the first time, but have the intuition that I need to read it again right now. I have a feeling I will be posting some of my thoughts and feelings related to the book so stay tuned. I’ve decided to take a little break from reading to capture the moment I’m having.

I wish I could describe to those of you that haven’t seen my place, how cozy it is right now. With the snow falling outside, the light coming in is a soft gray hue which is blending with some of my soft white christmas lights I have. My ipod is playing a mix of “keli music,” which entails a lot of soft vocals and easy going tunes. Music that gives me a perma-grin. :) My feet are kicked up over the sides of my oversized chair and I’m sipping on Wild Berry Zinger by Celestial Seasonings. I have a few candles lit, and the puppas are sprawled out on the floor content.

There are only two things that could make this situation more perfect than it already is. The first would be having a fireplace lit, oh how that makes a room sooo cozy. The second would be having someone sprawled out on the couch immersed in their own book. It’s so nice and comforting to share reading silence with someone, where we might occasionally share a part of the story that needs expressing.

mmm, I love afternoons like this. Everyone should take the time to create a space for themselves, make a cup of tea, put on so me good tunes and read. Ahhhh, what simple pleasures make me smile. I hope your Sunday afternoon, is a warm and lovely as mine.

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Work Holiday Paarrrttyyyy!

Saturday night was our annual holiday party, which was a good time. We did run out of red wine at 8:30, but luckily I won a bottle as a door prize and cracked that baby open. I don’t have much to report, but thought I would share some pics.

We had the most phenomenal food line ever. It was spectacular.

Josh, Alexa, and Aubrey waiting in line for some bacon wrapped meatloaf and other goodies. Aubrey hung there even though she came down with a cold that afternoon.

Of course there would be dancing. Not many of us, but we had our own little party.

The web team crew minus the boyz. We were all out late night, taking the party elsewhere when it shut down. Oh yah, the web team rocks!

I ended the party at the laundry mat last night, washing and folding the 800 million table clothes we had. That was fun. I realized I’ve been lucky to have a washer and dryer for many years now. It took me back to my college days.

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Trust, Determination & Fun

Last night was a night full of firsts and chicken. I have been wanting to go to the enormous climbing wall at the Universities rec center and last night was the night. I have only climbed up a wall once at a fair, but nothing like this. We showed up had to fork over some duckets for a day pass and to rent some equipment. Since I hadn’t climbed before really, I needed to go through the basic training course and watch an oh so fantastic and slightly less than entertaining video.

The class was great, cuz the instructor was laid back and cool. I got to relearn a double 8 knot for the 20th time in my life. I’m hoping it sticks this time, and so does my climbing partner. I learned how to rig up my gear and properly belay. Not that it was hard, but I was definitely a little worried about doing the wrong thing and having M fall 50 feet.

We did a few test runs with M climbing and me belaying with the instructor next to me. He wanted her to free fall to catch me off guard to be sure I knew what to do. M told me later, she really didn’t like to free fall. Heck, I wouldn’t either especially with a rookie at the wheel.

I went into this experience thinking about the trust it would take on my side to climb and be in the hands of someone else completely. I soon realized it was M that really had to trust me, someone who was doing this for the first time. She didn’t seem phased at all, which encouraged me and made me know that it was going to be all good.

When it was my turn to climb, I soon realized that it was much harder than I imagined to pick my lines and contort into a frog and monkey in just two moves. About 1/3 of the way up I glanced at my peripheral vision, (if you can even do that) and got sick to my stomach. I stopped and took a few breaths, but the nausea continued and got stronger. M told me to take a break and sit in my harness and let go of the wall. Yah right, I just realized I must be scared and now I’m supposed to let go of the wall!

I trusted her and slowly let go as my fore arms were beginning to burn from holding on and not moving. I’m not sure how long I rested but I do know that 20 million things tried to fill up my head. My stomach wanted to call out, let me down, but I was enjoying the challenge before my stomach got the better of me. I slowly reached out for the wall and began to climb again, telling my stomach I would deal with it later. The more I climbed the more determined I became.

It was exhilarating to reach the top and I was glad that I stuck it out. I’ve realized more and more lately that I like exercise and movement that involves thought with slow controlled strength. Not too surprising considering I spent so many of my early days dancing ballet.

M and I high-fived and were happy that we had fun and that everything went smoothly. M looked as though she never had a doubt. For my own memories, I’ll add in the stop to Arby’s afterwards for salads. Of course I asked for mine with no chicken. I was glad to see when I got home that there was a “special” sticker on the top of my container which of course signified that my salad was better than M’s.

As I picked through all the yummyness, little pieces of chicken kept appearing. I made the decision to keep eating, because the rest of it was so delicious and I was ravenous. I picked out the chunks and let M’s salad adopt them. Unfortunately some didn’t want to go over to the “Sante Fe” and they ended up in my belly.

It was a really great night that fulfilled my high expectations. I’ll be heading back soon, so I remember my double 8 knot and to work on that amazing toned back I’ve always wanted!

*Just a note: Photos were taking after the climb to capture the moment. Unfortunately or fortunately we were already out of our harnesses and shoes:)

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Good Times @ WSU BBall

I was invited by my friend M and her folks to go see the #8 ranked WSU Cougars play basketball against Southern Portland State. It was my first game of the season and after my Gators won the Title again last year, I was excited to watch some good bball. The game was neck to neck the whole first period, and M and I decided to go get the good stuff before the crowds at half time.

We decided on a large popcorn, but considered the Mega tub as we both LOVE popcorn. The picture shows how much M likes her popcorn and I’m laughing which is hard to do with your mouth open while taking a picture.

I asked the Fam to take a group shot and they humored me. Not my best photography, but hey trying to figure out where the heck we are in the viewer by pure guess, is harder than you might think. Not bad considering.

The cougars pulled away slowly through the 2nd period and played some good defense. I ate my popcorn with a smile and listened to the sneakers on the court working hard. The Cougars won at home and stayed undefeated with a final score of 72-60. Go Cougs!

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