Gypsy Heart & Building Roots

Fur bouncing all around me. Small, smaller, and medium. Youngest, young, old. All different in their personalities and needs. Some need more than others, financially, emotionally, and time.

I am a gypsy or maybe I’ve been a gypsy before and so that feeling of wanting to be on the move is familiar. I love to travel, to experience life on the road, other places, different cultures. I feel alive and I move forward in awakening. I travel in the moment with very little planning. I let the moments carry me from one place to the next. There is so much freedom in that way of living and experiencing life. I try to carry this forward when I am back ‘home’. I seem to pull it off in certain areas of my life but not others.

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Fighting & Attack doesn’t equal Healing

I’ve been thinking about this concept for some time now. It seems to be a part of human thought to attack or fight that which we don’t want or as a method to try and prove ourselves as right. We seem to use war mentality for so many things that we want to make better. But I have to pose the question. Do you see the intention and actions of fighting and attacking as a way to heal? Does a country in the middle of war feel that it is in the mist of healing? If you are in an attacking fight with a loved one (verbal or physical), do you feel you are healing what it is you’re fighting over?

When I think about these scenarios and so many others like them, the answer is always no. That which comes from fear can not heal. Fear which is the source of fighting and attack intentions and behaviors creates unrest, stress, guilt, and a false sense of power. It weakens us and doesn’t make us stronger.

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Anthropomorphism & the Mirror

As defined by Webster Dictionary. Anthropomorphic means:
1. described or thought of as having a human form or human attributes
2. ascribing human characteristics to nonhuman things

The idea of anthropomorphic theory troubles me. On one hand I get it. I can assume an animal is feeling or thinking something that they are not based on how feel about that something, but I can’t help to think that it’s now also used as a way to keep people from acknowledging that animals are more aware than we have given them credit for the last few hundred years.

It’s so easy to continue doing what we are doing when things like, “well we don’t really know for SURE that they feel pain, or have emotions, or can think” are said. Belittling these beings experiences by saying we might be just attributing our own feelings onto what they are experiencing or not.

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