Bringing the past into the present

It began during an episode of Super Soul Sunday. Oprah was interviewing Adyashanti, a spiritual teacher and author with a Zen background. As I was watching and listening to the interview, I felt calm and present. I was paying attention and having an awareness of what I was feeling in my body as the hour went along. At one point they talked about they naming of objects and how once we name something, we then think we know what that something is about. For example, a tree, a bird, a rose… once we put a name on it we lose in our perspective the wonder, and mystery of what it is in each moment. We then associate or learn what other people have discovered about that thing further solidifying that ‘we know’ all of what it is. Adyashanti was talking about being open to experience ‘what is’ in each moment without judgement or belief, allowing what is real within this mystery to unfold.

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I am not this pain

It happened in a dream…

I was at a Dr.’s office preparing for some sort of big test. I don’t recall what the test was or what my symptoms leading to said test were either. But prior to the test they had to take blood an apparently a lot of it. Having my blood taken is generally a painful and sickening ordeal for me. It physically hurts as the blood leaves my body through the needle and down a tube. My blood pressure also drops significantly making me feel woozy and sick to my stomach.

So I’m at this Dr.’s office, with my friend’s baby and he’s sleeping in my arms. I’m doing my best to stay calm as I’m about to get pricked and I don’t want to frighten and wake the babe. I set him next to me wrapped up sound asleep and the process begins.

All the normal things begin happening… the pain, nausea, woozy. Time slows down… do they have enough? Geez, how much longer. Ugh, I feel so sick and it fucking hurts. It literally feels like they are draining the life force out of me.

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Solar Plexus – Control

I have been exploring the area of my solar plexus since a little before Christmas. On Christmas eve I began having nausea and then cramping for about 3 weeks. I did a medicine journey and during it was feeling myself surrendering into the pain and nauseousness. Those feelings have dissipated since for the most part but are occasionally there.

In my meditation this morning I was feeling into sensations in my solar plexus which also had a thread up to the back of my heart. I was looking for the point at which these sensations began but couldn’t find it. I tried to make the locations my whole body but they stayed pretty local to where they are. I checked for where I felt calm and still in relation to my body and I could feel it heaviest along my back but it was throughout. When I was checking for “who or what” is experiencing these sensations in my solar plexus region those areas just highlighted, the sensations became stronger.

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A Prayer to Love

With humble heart I sit in silence

    and seek your wisdom

Patiently I ‘listen’, knowing I receive

    in perfect time

In wondrous Gratitude, I give thanks to you

    and all your messengers

In confusion I return to you,

    it is in this space that peace finds me

You are cloaked in all things I see

    and those unseen

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Gypsy Heart & Building Roots

Fur bouncing all around me. Small, smaller, and medium. Youngest, young, old. All different in their personalities and needs. Some need more than others, financially, emotionally, and time.

I am a gypsy or maybe I’ve been a gypsy before and so that feeling of wanting to be on the move is familiar. I love to travel, to experience life on the road, other places, different cultures. I feel alive and I move forward in awakening. I travel in the moment with very little planning. I let the moments carry me from one place to the next. There is so much freedom in that way of living and experiencing life. I try to carry this forward when I am back ‘home’. I seem to pull it off in certain areas of my life but not others.

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